qtawk0teen: Hi umm I just purchased minecraft for my computer and got the email say transaction complete or whatever and I downloaded the minecraft launcher but it is saying I haven't bought the game I was wondering if you knew how to help and (add on) it will only let me play the demo.

I have no idea, sorry. I can’t help you with this little information.

- Nathan

If you have all the transaction details, and are sure you’re using the account you paid for, send mojang’s support an email or something.

- Matt

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    Have you tried signing in at minecraft.net first? If all else fails you could try the minecraft forums (try here) and...
  2. myownlittlepinkworld said: Make sure you’re using the right login credentials, and maybe the purchase needs a little more time to go through completely. If after a day you still can’t get on try contacting Mojang.
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