4/22/2014 - Changelog


  • Added the Sponsor section in the sidebar.
  • Moved Admin section to above Sponsor section.
  • Added text to Search and Tagged pages.
  • Added more accessible next/previous page buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • Added jump pagination. It’s still a work in progress, so it doesn’t quite work yet. Sorry!
  • Search box receives focus when shown via icon.
  • Revamped Donate page, including three new images, one for each level of donor (Donor, Gold Donor, Sponsor)
  • Minor webstore tweaks.
  • Various theme tweaks.


  • Removed Top Donor rank, due to lack of interest.
  • Removed prefix from Sponsor rank for consistency with other ranks.
  • Updated PeX in anticipation of UUID’s.
  • Turned CreeperHeal completely off in the Badlands.
  • Added a welcome message to NCC and the Hub.
  • Fixed an exploit in NCC.

We found an Amplified Mesa in the Badlands on our server! In case you were wondering what that looked like, wonder no more.

Server IP: play.the-minecraft-blog.com

New video from Mojang showing off the in-depth terrain customization options for Minecraft 1.8! 16 different sliders let you control different aspects of terrain generation. No word yet on how this will affect servers, if at all. Looks fun!


Didn’t get around to posting a changelog for the past two days, so I’ll do so now.



  • Added icons to the footer of each post, making it easier for users to parse the information.


  • Various NCC builds.
  • Added a bed to the starter kit.
sexualizingamoebas: My craziest Minecraft moment: I was exploring underground when I came across a lava pool. I easily got across it with water and found that there was a zombie spawner. Out of sheer surprise, I backed up, right into lava. I quickly recovered but found myself down to two hearts with zombies chasing me. As I was running away I saw a creeper and ran past it. I then turned around and hit it toward the zombies, where it exploded, killing the zombies and saving me from death.

The good creeper giveth and the good creeper taketh away.

Anonymous: My craziest minecraft moment: I was on a multiplayer server, specifically a factions server. My friends and I were exploring for bases, when we found an NPC village. We walked through and it was still all in tact. We thought we would claim it and make it ours, but we all had a strange feeling we were being watched/trolled. My idiot friend of course presses a random button on one of the villages and we all were waiting what was going to happen. It set off 17 TNT cannons that blew up the village.

Your first mistake was expecting tranquility on a factions server.

strange-but-amazing: My craziest minecraft moment: Me and my friend were mining at night. We found a diamond and a lot of iron so we decided to head back up, not knowing it was still night. Once we got out of the cave we saw that there were ALOT of zombies. We looked at each other and then we ran through them side by side. There were atleast 10 zombies chasing us along with a few skeletons and creepers. So we are running through a field, arrows flying EVERYWERE and explosions going off. My friend then fell in a cave

Is it weird that I thought of 300 when reading this?


What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you in Minecraft?

Tell us your craziest Minecraft stories! No spam or nonsense answers, please.

4/18/2014 - Changelog

Blog Changelog:

  • Updated the FAQ.
  • Updated server listings.
  • Tweaked the Vote page to encourage players to leave reviews and ratings.
  • Modified the Info and Servers button to stand out more to catch users’ attention.
  • Various theme tweaks.

Server Changelog:

  • Streamlined messages displayed when a player votes for the server.
  • NCC builds.
It’s Friday night! Got nothing better to do? Come hang out with us on the Core Server! All new players get a diamond just for joining!
Server Address: play.the-minecraft-blog.com

It’s Friday night! Got nothing better to do? Come hang out with us on the Core Server! All new players get a diamond just for joining!

Server Address: play.the-minecraft-blog.com

standouttillyanoticeme: Have you updated your server yet?


Also see the FAQ.




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